The Midway Printmakers Exhibition January 12 to February 27, 2016 : The Unknown Art Of Printmaking

Sfona Pelah will exhibit her works with the “Midway Printmakers” at the Point Loma Branch Library, 3701 Voltaire Street, Point Loma (619) 531-1539.

Please come to the Reception January 23, 2-4 PM.

The Midway Printmakers:

Lois Adler-Roussell, Sandra Arevalo, Christian Anderson, Marina Bezzati Bothwell, Christine Calvano, Jaqueline Dotson, Susan Freed, Daniel Hagenbuch, Lisa Hartman, Callie Mack, Beth March, Maryam Parto, Sfona Pelah, Cathy Surgeoner, Susan Walters.




Midway Printmakers Exhibit